In-Frame Kitchen Cabinet Style

in-frame kitchen

An in-frame kitchen, or inset kitchen, is an exceptional kitchen style in which the cabinet door is inset within a door frame, fixed onto the kitchen carcass’s front face.

Despite the beautiful visual feature, the cabinet’s front is too strong due to the strength the frame provides. An inset kitchen can be the best option if you want tough, durable, and beautiful kitchen decor. Using conventional cabinet furniture construction evokes the idea of classic craftsmanship and durability.

What is an in-frame or inset kitchen style?

In-frame refers to a kitchen door installation inside a frame attached to the front of a kitchen carcass. The door will open within a wooden frame, which means it will be smaller than usual due to the structure. However, this might have aesthetic and functional advantages.

An in-frame door presents quality, strength, and long-term endurance. It is an exquisite, timeless element that draws inspiration from classic cabinet construction.

in-frame kitchen style

The evolution of in-frame kitchens

The In-frame method is the method that has been used for centuries for all cabinet furnishings, with a fitted door to a wooden carcass. The concept of the custom-fit kitchen with an in-frame design became popular in the early 1990s. A visible frame or face frame was a prime feature of all the original kitchen cabinet designs in that era.

Due to progress in high-pressure laminating technology, manufacturers could cut the cost impressively by providing a frameless kitchen.  As a result of this invention, along with the limitless design options, in-frame kitchen cabinets were quickly deemed outdated and only appropriate for conventional shakers or country kitchens.

However, people are now returning to durable, long-lasting, high-quality kitchens instead of spending less on kitchen style and changing the furnishings later. It indicates that in-frame kitchens are now more prominent than ever on the market because of their stellar reputation for fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

The difference between frameless cabinets and framed kitchen cabinets

The typical materials used in frameless cabinets are plywood, chipboard, and particleboard. Each of the frames is laminated, which conceals the cabinet’s edges. The doors are directly attached to each frame’s unit.

The reduced amount of wood necessary in frameless cabinet kitchens makes them affordable and well-liked, with less time needed for construction.

Contrarily, framed cabinets initially have a frame affixed to the carcass following the attachment of the cabinet door to the frame. The frame can be partially or completely covered, and the doors can be positioned inside the frame or on top of the face frame cabinet.

frameless cabinet kitchen

Merits and demerits of in-frame cabinets


Look better

Regardless of your kitchen style, this kitchen cabinet design looks better, simpler, and more elegant. The edges of door cabinets are less likely to wear and tear, meaning you can expect more longevity.


Due to the fitted attached door to the frame, you can be sure of the details and know-how craftsmanship of your cabinet doors.

Using solid wood

Many styles and designs are possible thanks to the strong wood frame, which is an essential component of kitchen design.

More durability

Due to the sturdier and more rigid materials used in In-frame cabinets, their price is much higher than frameless cabinets, but the durability of the former is exemplary.

the benefits of in-frame kitchen

Don’t face sagging doors over time.

The cabinet doors are mounted on a solid and sturdy wood frame, and their hinges are much less likely to sag over time.

The disadvantages

More costly

Compared to frameless kitchens, in-frame kitchen cabinets need more time and materials to build, which increases the overall cost by about 15% to 30%.

The cabinet opening has less clearance.

There isn’t quite as much room to get plates or pots in and out of the cabinet. Compared to frameless cabinets, the inclusion of a frame significantly limits the opening clearance.

A little less drawer space

Compared to a frameless kitchen cabinet, the drawer should be about 40mm narrower to fit inside the unit due to the frame around the drawer opening.

Cleaning can be a little challenging.

Dusting within and around the frames makes cleaning in-frame kitchens a little more challenging.

They must be custom-made.

This style of kitchen is not prefabricated. Therefore, you need a qualified kitchen specialist to install the doors because there is no opportunity for error as in the other styles.

They will occasionally need to be reset.

You will need a skilled carpenter to fix in-frame kitchen cabinets due to moisture, wear and tear, and gradual movement over time. It will give them a new lease on life and help them keep their flawless, tidy appearance.

in-frame kitchen-cool blue


What is an in-frame or inset kitchen?

In-frame or inset kitchens have a border around the door front that adds aesthetic appeal and additional detail to the front of a cabinet.


What is a shaker in-frame kitchen?

The shaker kitchen cabinet style, with a recessed center panel, is a prominent feature of many kitchen framings that gives the entire kitchen an elegant look. Shaker kitchens typically have doors with a lay-on style.


Which is better: frameless cabinets or framed kitchen cabinets?

Framed cabinets may be a better option if you want a more traditional look and don’t mind giving up some storage space. Frameless cabinets may make more sense if you want as much storage as possible and prefer a more modern design.


Will inset cabinets cause you to lose space? 

The straightforward answer is yes, but there is more than that. In fact, you will lose a little depth inside the cabinet because the door is set inside the frame rather than outside. 


Is an inset or in-frame kitchen costlier?

The additional cost of all the framework that goes around the doors and drawers makes the inset kitchen the most expensive kitchen remodeling project.


Could an inset kitchen style be your dream kitchen?

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