Bathroom Flooring Waterproof

bathroom floor waterproof

Bathroom flooring waterproofing is a significant consideration in bathroom renovation when you want to strike a balance between appearance and functionalityWhether you have a Jacuzzi bathtub, shower enclosure, or walk-in showers, the floor should be moisture resistant.

Here are some of the most long-lasting and best waterproof bathroom flooring options.

Porcelain tiles or ceramic

Porcelain is known as the queen of bathroom floor tiles waterproof. It is inexpensive, luxurious, and stylish. Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tile that is classified into different groups based on their water absorption rates.

The 0.5% lower absorption makes porcelain tiles perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms. The ceramic tiles are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles. So, they can create stylish and dreamy bathroom flooring. Also, you can get the smaller mosaic tiles and pre-mounting them on a mesh to create an attractive look.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to clean. Despite their coldness, they guide heat through themselves nicely, giving a nice warm touch to the soles of your feet.

Luxury vinyl bathroom flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) are the best option for bathroom flooring waterproof since it gives your bathroom a high-end, luxurious look.

LVT has different effects and styles, like beautiful wood and natural stone effect, making an elegant and sophisticated appearance for your bathroom. Both water-resistant and waterproof tiles are perfect for bathrooms, keeping the water drops at bay.

Don’t be confused by the word “tile” here. LVTs are not ceramic or porcelain tiles. They consist of a distinct layer of composite vinyl materials that are extremely compressed to have hardened properties.

The shapes of the tiles are squares and long planks similar to laminate, but the difference is that they do not include any wood particles. Due to that, they are perfect for waterproof bathroom flooring.

Luxury vinyl tiles are the best waterproof vinyl flooring for bathrooms, and unlike porcelain, they give a pleasant warmth to your bare feet.

LVTs are easy to install; they’ll be installed directly over your existing floor, allowing your imagination to run wild.

If you plan to install LVTs over another layer of flooring, make sure the surface underneath is perfectly spotless because the tile will show every dust particle and a bit of dirt.

luxerious bathroom floor waterproof


Before installation, make sure you have a flat lever floor. Remember, most vinyl tiles are less than 5mm thick and made of flexible materials. So, if they don’t lay on a flat floor, they will allow water and moisture to seep through. And you know best what it could lead to!

Natural Stone

Although stone is an expensive option for bathroom flooring waterproof, it can give your room an aesthetically pleasing look. It is rigid, sturdy, and durable.

The only downside is that natural stones are cold and slippery, which is dangerous, especially for elderly people.

 bathroom floor tile

Waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms

Laminate floors are the most popular option for bathrooms. They are moisture-resistant, like LVT, and thus suitable for every wet area, such as kitchens and utility rooms.

They come in different attractive designs and patterns, giving your space a stunning look. You can purchase stone, tile, or wood-effect laminate that looks great in your room.

Be careful; if it is not installed correctly, the moisture will seep through the joins and consequently cause lots of damage.

We recommend that before buying, look at the water-resistant logo and select the well-known brands if you can afford to; otherwise, it’s better to go for LVT flooring. Remember, no matter how well installed a poor-quality laminate floor is, it cannot resist water drops so well.

Wood bathroom flooring waterproof: Engineered Wood

If you are into the natural wood feel, engineered wood (not solid wood) is the material that can please you. Engineered wood has good resistance against water drops. It consists of structured layers of wood with an added plywood base that holds up well against moisture and gives your bathroom a feel of authentic wood.

Remember that choosing any wood type is prone to damage over time, no matter how well it’s built.

Some of the best options for waterproofing shower floors

Prime Guard 1200

Prime Guard 1200 is one of the most durable fiber-reinforced solutions for bathroom shower walls. It is particularly designed for use over concrete, gypsum, or block. It is among the top two choices for world builders and architects due to its reputation for protecting your bathroom from water damage.

Another option for waterproofing shower floor: Seamless 5130

The safest way to make bathroom flooring waterproof is to use the full waterproof coating on a shower system. Shower floor coating covers the existing wall substrate and connects the floor to the wall, creating a smooth, seamless finish.

A seamless 5130 coating on a waterproof shower system provides unparalleled protection to the shower walls and shower ceiling. It provides a surface with no nooks and crannies for bacteria if applied in a layer.

Seamless 5130 is widely used in industrial and educational facilities throughout Canada.

Bathroom Flooring option

Bathroom Flooring option to avoid

Carpets are an option that you should avoid purchasing for your wet spaces. They retain moisture for too long and dry out slowly.

They are also not water-resistant for bathroom flooring. Nevertheless, if you still insist on buying carpet for your bathroom, make sure it’s made of 100% inorganic material (like nylon) and has a low pile (thickness).


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    I intend to remodel my bathroom but staying within my budget is my top priority. I did some research and found porcelain tiles to be the perfect solution for my condition, as you mentioned in your article.

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    Now my question is: “Can you give me the estimated price?”

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