Innovative Basement Door Ideas

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You can transform your basement into any form of room you want: a kitchen, lounge, home cinema, bedroom, home office, etc. Basement transformations enable you to enhance the utility of your home.
One of the most significant factors during the basement renovation project is choosing a suitable basement door in balance with the rest of the home’s decor. Doors say so much about your space, so selecting one should be done with too much care and obsession.
Below, we provide a list of doors that can give you durability, security, and a great look.

Three basement door interior options

LTL Home Product Spectrum Accordion Folding Door

This door can either serve as a door or a basement ornament. It is attractive and gives you both beauty and strength.

Its features and details

Beautiful appearance: Except for the rich oak color, this door is made of solid vinyl and comes in four shades. The vinyl print is realistic and gives a 3D presentation that adds taste and texture to your basement.

Flexibility: The width of this door ranges from 24 to 46 inches, and its height is up to 80 inches. Moreover, you can install it as a single or double door or combine two units to make a double door. The hinges of this door contain flexible vinyl for smooth opening and closing.

Highest functionality and efficiency: Due to the highest quality of hardware used in this door, you can expect maximum functionality and efficiency.

LTL Home Product Spectrum Accordion Folding Door

Pros and cons


  • Highest functionality and efficiency due to the great hardware used in this door.
  • Beautiful and realistic vinyl material
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive look
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Its shipping is shoddy, so you might get a chipped door or missing critical parts.

Why is an LTD-spectrum accordion folding door the best option for the basement door?

It is an excellent choice for your basement since you can install it as a single or double door; it also comes in realistic colors. Additionally, it comes with everything needed for a proper installation.

LTL Home Products Pinecroft’s Traditional French Bifold-Wood Door

LTL Home Products Pinecroft Traditional French Bifold Wood Door is a stunning door with an intriguing opening and closing.

Features & Details

Exotic look

The wooden fascia of these doors, divided into ten pairs of tempered opaque glass panes, makes it beautiful and has an exotic design. They beautify the door while simultaneously allowing light to enter, serving aesthetic and practical objectives!

Unfinished nature

The unfinished nature of this door gives you the freedom to employ your imagination and creativity. As a result, you can choose whether to paint, varnish, or stain it. Additionally, the glass pieces are covered in plastic, so you can complete the unit with ease and based on what you’d like.

Sturdy construction with accompanying hardware

This door is long-lasting and sturdy enough. The glass is tempered for additional safety and has no finger joints. It also includes all the equipment, amenities, and features needed for a comfortable installation.

LTL Pinecroft’s French Bifold Door

Merits and demerits


  • Containing heavy-duty materials
  • Having true divided glass panes
  • Having an unfinished nature
  • Tempered glass panes for maximum safety


  • It may arrive with poor finishing.

Why is LTL Home Products Pinecroft Traditional French Bifold Wood Door the best basement door?

Because it is sturdy, rigid, sturdy, and reliable, so you can count on this door and ensure that it can make a terrific addition to your home. You may admire its magnificence in your basement thanks to its separated glass panes!

Smart Standard Sliding-Barn Door

If you want to invite a bit of traditional styling into your basement decor, try to install this door.

Features & Details

Stunning look

This door consists of robust and stunning spruce wood finished in a cool-grey color with a delicate texture, glossy surface, and lingering fragrance. The door is tough & rigid and offers consistent flexibility.
Additionally, the door is perfect when it comes to insulating heat and sound. Lastly, the paint was applied tastefully to prevent splitting when nailing the door.

Easy installation

The barn door arrives already pre-drilled, so its installation process is easy.
Additionally, the wooden panels have mitered edges so that they fit snugly. All you need to assemble this wooden door is a hammer and a screwdriver.

Offers options for DIY creativity

The ideal area to install this door is the basement. You can paint it any color you choose because of the way it is made. It can perfectly match the rest of the room decor.

The delivered package includes installation equipment.

When you receive this door, you will get a set of screws to use it. For optimal ease, all of its wood panels are pre-drilled. It’s simple to assemble if you stick to the instructions!


Merits and demerits


  • Offer DIY freedom
  • easy to install due to its pre-drilled
  • Durable and fragrant due to spruce wood composition


  • The door may be damaged and broken when it arrives.

Why is the Smart Standard Sliding Barn Door the best for the basement?

This door proves an excellent unit for your basement because it gives the space a distinctively rural vibe. It includes all the tools you need for installation and the instructions you need, so you can get it set up quickly!

Exterior basement door ideas

bulkhead door

Bulkhead doors are typical egress doors for many basements. If you have a bulkhead egress to your home, you will probably have some reasons to upgrade it. Perhaps the old one is unsafe, broken, or rusted.
Lots of home improvement stores or online websites offer these door types.

Clamshell Doors

One form of bulkhead door is the Clamshell door, which is manufactured by combining sailing technology with a basement door.

These doors are open and close like a clam. They can also keep the entrance of your basement moisture-free.


Hidden deck bulkhead

If you are planning to add a deck to your house, you will probably want to incorporate the bulkhead entrance into your deck.
You can purchase a deck bulkhead online or build it yourself.

Add a patio

Adding a patio is an option if you have a large area outside your basement entrance. It will add magnificent eye appeal to your walkout basement door and provide an ideal gathering place for your family or friends.

How to Construct a Basement Door Entrance?


First, you need a blueprint of your house and the ideal spot. Your basement door entrance should provide uninterrupted access into your basement and lead you to a flat, open area.
Be careful; this egress area should not interrupt future constructions on your patio or deck. For this goal, you will need bulky materials and large machinery.
We recommend you choose a spot where there are no walls, electrical fixtures, or yard decorations to block the path.

Getting the required permits

Any construction project or home renovation usually needs permission from local administrative offices before commencing.

These include structural development, noise, and public safety permits. So before jumping into the heart of the project, fill out the required application forms for these permits.

Contact a reputable contractor to get the price.

After obtaining the required permits, shortlist several reputable contractors for your project. Google can give you a list of the best basement egress contractors close to your location.
Remember, select those specialists at basement egress doors, windows, the base, and waterproofing. Select a contractor who delivers a complete basement entrance development package.
Lastly, request quotes at every step of the shortlisting process to pick a contractor who fits within your budget.

Go to the heart of the project.

Set an exact date with your contractor for the external basement door entrance process. Expect bulky machinery like an excavator to dig into the side of your home. If you want the dirt removed, you must pay additional fees.
Alternatively, you have the option to hire a landscaper to redistribute the soil around your yard in a constructive way.
The contractor will take care of the cost of installing the basement egress door, but you can offer your opinions to ensure the process will be completed safely.

The process of Basement door installation (installation of the exterior door)

  • Measure the rough-in opening for your outside basement door.
  • Remove the current exterior basement door.
  • If required, replace the door framing connected to the concrete foundation or cinder block base.
  • Make sure the rough-in opening is plumb and level.
  • Caulk the concrete slab or subfloor
  • Place the pre-hung door in the rough-in opening and use screws to temporarily fasten it to the frame.
  • Secure hinge jambs and shim door at screw places
  • Test for the door’s smooth operation.
  • Check the height of the basements outside doorsills.
  • Put corner seal pads in place (in-swing units only)
basement door installation

Basement door lock

Basement door security and purchasing the best basement door lock are necessary to increase your home’s safety. Before looking at our options, take a quick look at this preview:

Basement Door Material

You need to consider the compatibility of each lock with your basement door. For example, a deadbolt works well with a wood door, but it is not the best option for plastic or thinner material.

Lock Material

Remember that an exterior basement door lock should be made of high-quality metal, whereas an interior basement door lock does not need to be heavy-duty. However, their quality and durability are a big issue.

Easy installation

Try to purchase the lock with a straightforward installation process. Remember, buying complex installation processes is not a smart move.

Some of the best basement door locks

  1. Tuut ‎TT-DLL-102 is made of plastic and needs 3M adhesive to install. It has an affordable price and a discreet design.
  2. PRIME-LINE U 9847 consists of Alloy Steel and needs screws for installation. Please note this lock is the best option for the outside basement door because it offers high quality without causing any damage.
  3. Safety Innovations 26001 is made of Alloy Steel and needs screws for installation. It is a versatile, top-mounted, and child-proof design.
  4. BILCO BD-LOCK Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit is durable, corrosion-resistant, easy to install, and secure for homeowners. Moreover, its size is versatile and suitable for all steel basement door models.


There are numerous basement door options. You can remove the current door and replace it with the unique, beautiful one.
Some projects are simple and can be completed by yourself (the “DIY option”), whereas others require experience and reputable contractors due to the additional time and planning required. For this purpose, contact ConfirmdC Company. Our local professional can guide you to the best possible options at the most affordable price.

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