Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation seem costly, but you can do it with a little spending. Maybe you think it is intricate to remodel a small bathroom or one awkwardly shaped with visible pipework and not sufficient natural lighting.

Here are some ideas to remodel your bathroom and create a gorgeous finish on a shoestring budget.

Some Bathroom Makeover Ideas

No matter how much you want to spend on the renovation of your bathroom, you will be able to make the desired changes to your space. If you want your project to be accomplished, you need to plan ahead; otherwise, it might be costly and take a longer time to finish. We recommend that before closing the project, ask the tiler, electrician, and other related traders to make sure there are no issues with any part of your project.

For your projects, we’ve compiled some budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas below.

Use beautiful salvaged sanitary ware.

You can reuse any good-quality taps or sanitary ware to make your project cost-effective. Also, reusing roll-top baths, existing plumbing, re-enameling or adding a new surround to a bath, and updating the existing fittings are all great ways to keep your project budget-friendly and stick to its initial character. It is always better to replace your plumbing if it is exposed or old enough. An antique gray spray on bathroom fixtures is an inexpensive and trickier way to change the feel of the bathroom.

Please note that buying unknown brand fixtures online can be a risky game down the road. Also, keep your guard up when shopping online; other people may offer you a great deal to buy new products for your bathroom renovation. However, if you want to try this way, you need to be cautious because maybe there is a sneaky reason why people want to replace something.

Dos and Don’ts for Location

We highly recommend changing the faucet and key elements but not relocating them because it needs more work and, consequently, more cash. Keep your project’s low cost and installation complexity to a minimum by closing the toilet near the soil pipe. For a small bathroom remodel, changing the tub placement can make a significant transition and also save considerable money.

small bathroom remodel

Integrate and match materials.

When it comes to a bathroom remodel project, try to integrate sanitary ware items from different suppliers instead of using very luxurious elements to save money without sacrificing style and quality. Always remember, cheap products do not always mean they won’t last long. Search well to find the best alternative with the same quality as the costly ones for a reasonable price. However, you must exercise caution to distinguish between low-cost and low-quality products.

Use eye-catching features

Keep in mind that in small bathroom renovations, try to use eye-catching features like wall-hung vanities to make the space appear larger than it actually is. You can also use a walk-in shower as an alcove to store toiletries,; add textural and tonal interest with matt black hardware to enhance the overall look.

Simple bathroom renovations

Always remember that the biggest mistake in bathroom remodeling happens when your project gets overly complicated, so keep any curves, steps, decorative moldings, and other ornamentations simple.

Make significant changes by tiling.

Patterned floor tiles add amazing interest to the simple scheme and create perfect harmony with other bathroom paint colors. Moreover, it works well with the Victorian-style home, which echoes its traditional style.

Metro tiling not only adds height and the illusion of a larger space, but also gives a polished and stylish finish to the space.

Use pop colors.

One of the great ideas in bathroom renovation is to use bold statements and pair them with on-trend black to create an industrial effect.

To create the visual space’s dimensions without extra cost, use paint to divide the space in half.

Use functional and beautiful flooring.

Remember to stay away from hardwood floors due to the water and steam in the room. If you want to create brilliant and awesome mimics of wood, use porcelain, ceramic, or vinyl tiles; they are more affordable and waterproof while giving you the look you want.

Use smart additions.

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, don’t be careless about bidet attachments or other bathroom features like a motion-detected faucet, smart lighting controls with preset moods for the atmosphere, waterproof televisions that sit flush within a wall, built-in hi-fi systems, and automation of blinds and bath fillers. These additions have a great role in your property’s value in the market.

Enhance your bathroom entrance with mirrors.

Using a frameless mirror covering the whole of the wall is an effective way to make the small entrance feel lighter and more spacious. We recommend you use fitted heated pads behind the mirror to avoid misting up after showers and baths.

An ingenious custom replacement

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one of the trickier ways is to switch out knobs rather than rip out vintage cabinetry. It gives them a modern look while you spend only a few hundred dollars.

Shower Remodel

Retiling a shower wall can make a world of changes, add to your bathroom’s aesthetic, and give it an entirely new appearance because it is the focal point of any bathroom. When purchasing tiles, stay within your budget to save money.

Before jumping into the bathroom shower remodel project, you need to establish your goal and determine how much time and money you want to invest and what exactly you expect the return on investment will be.

shower remodel

Wet Room

Remodeling a wet room can be less expensive than bathroom renovations. Wet rooms are functional, space-enhancing, and a dream for every homeowner to have.

A balanced lighting scheme

We highly recommend that before going for new cabinetry, wall coverings, and counters, try changing light levels and switching the existing bulbs to LED ones to make a vast improvement. Also, it is a good idea to splurge on using LED bulbs on the existing mirror to entirely change the look of the bathroom.

A pendant light, a single central fitting, downlights, or wall lights (that only require a single power cable) can make a remarkable transformation.

A fusion of storage and style

In bathroom renovations, nothing is worse than clutter. Built-in furniture offers the opportunity to achieve a coordinated finish, but it needs to be planned from the beginning. Free-standing and modular furniture provide more flexibility and can be added after sanitary ware. Modular furniture can also be wall-mounted, making effective use of space in cluttered bathroom areas.

Check the vanity unit.

Vanity is another focal point of any bathroom, so replacing it has a crucial role in bathroom remodeling. Swapping out the bathroom vanity is the easiest solution for homeowners because there is no counter or sink space in most bathrooms. The best way to save money is to keep the vanity in the same spot (because moving plumbing will be costly) or keep old fixtures for the new vanity if possible.

Some of the Top Bathroom Trends of 2022

Use asymmetrical tubes.

Asymmetrical tubs can add value to your bathroom with their stylish and well-defined magnetism. These tubs are very convenient and can be placed in the corner or at the center, depending on the asymmetric shape you choose.

Bathrooms with fluted finishes

A fluted bathroom finish is a great idea for bathroom renovations, even if you have a traditional or modern bathroom style. Fluting is usually done on cabinetry and vanities that give a fabulous visual appeal; it can also be done on glass shower doors, allowing more light without compromising privacy.

The bathroom’s hybrid floors

It’s a great idea to combine different styles for your bathroom flooring to create a striking effect. These days, hybrid floors are very trendy designs that make a chic finish.

Use marble for the whole walls.

Marble is available in various colors and can create beautiful visual dimensions. Marble has an incomparable elegance that can be used with other materials in the backsplash to create a wonderful contrasting graphic effect, which draws all attention to itself at first glance.

Use electric heated floors.

In bathroom renovations, one of the main features is to use electric heated floors, which not only solve the problem of a hot bath with cold tiles but also add extra heat to the space.

The Japandi bathroom

The Japandi bathroom style is a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, creating a functional and minimalist approach, giving it an easy flow. The Japandi style is typically soft and its depth can be delicately increased by adding infusion ideas.

Use big ceramic tiles.

One of the advanced bathroom renovation ideas is to use large ceramic tiles on floors, showers, tubs, and even walls. Additionally, the installation of large ceramic tiles is cheaper than smaller ones, and because they do not have many grout lines, they make the space appear larger.

Bathroom multifunctional enclosures

Glass enclosures not only trap the heat within the room but also provide minimal style and clean separations without sacrificing light. Multifunctional enclosures can give you a bathtub and a shower area, which is very helpful if you have to share your bathroom with another person.

Advanced bathroom remodels with color saturation

Rich and saturated colors can create casual elegance and a charming effect, which results in a welcoming bathroom. If you use the color teal in your bathroom, try to combine it with wood accents or brass accessories to make it stand out. But if you select blue, combine it with grey undertones to create a more casual taste. Color saturation is a great tool to make your bathroom lighter and more restful.

Combined schemes for the renovation of a small bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodels, using white or monotonous colors is very trendy these days. However, clean, contemporary finishes are appealing to many people, you can blend balanced color schemes to showcase your bold creativity and transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

A modern and minimalist bathroom

Nowadays, it’s easy to make a stark bathroom relaxing and comfortable only with the proper organization and by reducing clutter.

The minimalist modern style is both architectural and decorative. To keep your bathroom amenities hidden, make sure that you consider enough storage spaces like hooks, racks, and bars for easy access to regular products like towels. Installation of floating vanities or wall-mounted sinks is a great idea to save floor space and reduce clutter. Using glass shower doors instead of shower curtains can give your bathroom a clean and minimalist style. And finally, choose glossy finishes, whether you have tiles or paint the bathroom.

The Most Common Mistakes That Should Be Avoided During Bathroom Renovations

Not having a specific budget and overspending.

Before going through the renovation process, make sure you remain within a particular budget. For instance, do some research on bathroom products and opt for the most reasonable ones. But when it comes to piping and wiring, make sure to choose the proper ones. Some expenses, like floor heating, might seem costly at the moment, but will have long-lasting benefits.

There is no plan in place.

It’s quite easy to jump into a master bathroom remodel without already thinking about what exactly you are supposed to do. You need to have a plan, otherwise, you may end up purchasing unnecessary items. It is highly advised to ask some bathroom contractors to provide detailed quotes to have a basic understanding of what exactly you need during the remodeling process.

bathroom contractor


Maybe you want to have a huge vanity with a double sink, but you do not have enough space for it. If you insist on having it, you won’t probably enjoy being inside your bathroom later due to your space being crowded. Remember, always buy accessories and fixtures that take up a small portion of the space.

Choosing trendy design materials

While it is OK to have trendy items for the bathroom, remember that it is not acceptable to use materials that are in style right now. If you remodel your bathroom based on trendy items, you may have to perform another bathroom renovation later on.

The Last Note

If you are looking for the best place for reasonable bathroom renovation costs, Confirmed Corp Company is the right place that meets all your needs and can bring a smile to your lips with a standout outcome. If you have any questions about remodeling a bathroom, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team will be happy to help you, answer all of your questions, and give you free consultations.

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